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dojo secerts

we all know by now that there is some major issues with the volcano at the Dojo Courtyard. Today I noticed some really interesting clues as to what Club Penguin will be doing to stop the volcano.

Notice the giant hammer hitting the volcano. The ninja amulet is also confirmed by the two pictures. Also take note of the wrench and hammer on the table. These tools will be used soon in Club Penguin. The volcano is going to be hammered somehow. Also, notice the picture to the right that shows the gems being put in the spots where the elements of the amulet should be. The gem must help make ninja amulets.

Here’s where the wrench comes in. I think we are going to have to retrieve a gem from the volcano. The reason the volcano is flat is because it has been hammered. you will notice one giant gem.

This giant gem will be used to help make ninja amulets. The new Goldsmith apron will be used to make ninja amulets! Go inside the Ninja Hideout and read the description for the Goldsmith apron:

Notice on the bottom it says, “Take these powerful tools, and forge new ninja gear.” The new ninja gear will be the amulet! Also notice the large red banner above the Dojo that says, “Help goldsmiths build amulets.” This means goldsmiths will be making the amulets. The amulet will look like it does at the Dojo Courtyard:

First off, the amulet is gold, confirming what I said earlier. Second off, notice the French description of what Sensei had said. Here’s what Sensei said translated into English:

“Admire this amulet. Symbol of power and experience, it is the key to mastering the elements. Open the secret doors hidden in this piece and pursue your journey. Dojo awaits the next. – Sensei”
That means there is some journey after we get the ninja amulet, and that there is a new Club Penguin room. Maybe it’s the volcano, or maybe it’s something else. Club Penguin did promise a new room.
Now is this related to the new Club Penguin mission? I think so. Usually before the first mission sneak peek, some change has happened to the island of Club Penguin. This time, the volcano has acted up, and nothing can explain it. I think that Herbert may be involved with the volcano. Herbert may try to steal the giant gem. Herbert has been known to use devices like giant wrenches, and hammers. I can’t see Gary using something like this. Maybe Herbert dug the whole inside the Ninja Hideout to get to the volcano. It seems to make sense right? The mission would be something like, “The case of the missing gem” or something along those lines.
What do you think about all these theories at the volcano?

Wow, the ninja shadows are back at the Ski Lodge and the Lighthouse. If you remember in August these shadows disappeared. Maybe the new ninja journey has something to do with these.Wow, the ninja shadows are back at the Ski Lodge and the Lighthouse. If you remember in August these shadows disappeared. Maybe the new ninja journey has something to do with these.

Also, the volcano is almost completely out now. The red smoke is gone, but it still is smoking. Now we have to get ready for the ninja journey and help make amulets. Members can buy a goldsmith apron from the Martial Artworks catalog. Here’s a picture:

When you wear the anvil and press D to dance, you will hammer it like a blacksmith. All of the black puffles that flamed when you dressed like a ninja are gone. What do you think this will lead to?Club Penguin needs your help! The storm is leaving the island. If you go and check the telescope or the binoculars you can see that.
Club Penguin is going to add a new fire ninja room for Card-Jitsu fire! The room will be hidden inside the volcano

This ninja journey is going to be heating up soon! I can’t wait! It’s only for members though. Are you excited for the new ninja journey?

the shadows are back because of a new game... watch the video to find out more

Things are heating up for ninjas on Club Penguin! There’s a new challenge coming soon for member ninjas.

i found this really exclusive project Club Penguin has been working on! Club Penguin will be having a new challenge for member ninjas soon! There is a video at a secret link of Club Penguin’s which says the following:

It started as a myth born out of the shadows, a mysterious figure appeared to train those willing in the ancient art of card-jitsu. This journey requires patience, practice, power, and hot sauce… lots of hot sauce. For those who defeat Sensei and become ninjas, things are heating up. A new challenge has presented itself. Are you ready to master the element of fire?

Click here to view the secret video about Card-Jitsu Fire! This video will teach you all about the new challenge coming for member ninjas on Club Penguin!

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